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List of Songs

1 PSA Jingle - Solid, Responsive, World-class
Chords or Tablature:
PSA Solid Responsive World-class
(Chord Guide Key of G)

Intro: G B7 Em C, G...
2 Pass Slowly 3 Easier To Be
Album: Who We Are
Chords or Tablature:
I got these chords from just playing along with the song.  I hope you like it...
4 Whatever It Takes
Album: Who We Are
Chords or Tablature:
Whatever It Takes, by Lifehouse

Standard tuning.  Stanza is more like C/F and...
5 Goodbye 6 Always Somewhere Close
Album: Almeria
Chords or Tablature:
Always Somewhere Close by Lifehouse

Intro: C#5, Fm5-D#5; C#5, Fm5-D#5

7 How Long
Chords or Tablature:
How Long by Lifehouse
Transcribed by Loloy D

Intro: A DM7 A DM7

Climb on...
8 Make Me Over
Album: Who We Are
Chords or Tablature:
Make Me Over, by Lifehouse

Intro: C# C#M7 C# C#M7

         C#	         C#M7...
9 Spin 10 Sick Cycle Carousel
11 Hanging By A Moment
12 Crash And Burn
13 All That I'm Asking For 14 By Your Side 15 Falling In 16 Had Enough
17 All In 18 Make Good Things Great 19 Ang PSA 20 Bilang Pilipino